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El Parti Entent-Tu es Progreßïu
(CSPP; Common Sense Progressive Party)

Éovart Grischun
Party Leader
Email - Gtalk - PM on Witt

Owen Edwards
Shadow Distáin

50 Word Statement

  • The CSPP are the Progressive Party of Talossa. We support and defend the Monarch and the Organic Law. We, the loyal and time-served opposition, seek progressive changes not radical ones. We are gradualists, not fundamentalists. We respect the progressive values of pan-Talossinity and continue to recognise the reviênsadéirs' unique culture.

  • and another 49...

  • The Progs are Talossa's centre, perhaps even a little bit left of centre. We defend the open ballot. We support humanitarian aid and relief. We value the freedom and privacy of Talossans in their private lives and encourage innovation and enterprise. We want Talossa to 'boom' off of Witt.

Manifesto for the 44th Cosa

  1. The first task that the CSPP intend on tackling is an examination of the state of our nations assets and liabilities. We will look at current spending, which is mostly all web services, and make sure that we are getting the best value for our coin. If we find that we can lower these costs, which we probably can, then we will. We will also bring TalossaWare back, designing and building a safe and secure e-commerce system.

  2. The CSPP intend on meeting the high expectations of the nation and ending their timely wait regarding stamps and coins. The first stamps and coins to be produced will be of commemorative and celebratory natures.

  3. As ever, we will look to encourage the national language and it's use and place culture at the heart of our work. We will take another look at getting the Order of the Bonocon passed.

  4. The CSPP would pass legislation that would allow the regent of the University of Talossa to acquire governmental grants from the Ministry of Culture. These grants would allow the regent to expand his plans for the university, including his ideas for a university press. These grants could also allow for the university to begin hosting it's own external website, dedicated to the universities' needs. A CSPP government would work with the university in helping to implement such web systems. We would also help in the first stages of the university designing, producing and vending UTAL and UTAL Aþletici merchandise.

  5. Web development will be a background, but active, project. We will encourage the nation to spend less time on Witt-addiction and encourage folks to set up more places to hang out in. A CSPP member was behind that Reddit thing that brought a couple of new people in. We will continue to exploit the world media in ways to benefit the nation.

  6. Justice remains a priority. The CSPP acted last term to shake up the courts. We will make sure all loose ends are tied up to ensure the speedy recovery of our Justice system.

Our Message: Progressivism, Humanitarianism, Cybercitizism.

  1. Progressivism lies somewhere in the centre of the Talossan political compass. Progressives are constitutional monarchists. We defend the King and the Organic Law. We believe that these elements of Talossan lifestyle are central to national identity. However, we still recognise the qatoritrinista culture within Talossa and we will encourage and protect it. We view Talossa as a 'city on a hill' and as such humanitarian policy is at the forefront of our planks.
    We don't think the justice system needs a whole lot of tweaking now. Things seem built and the CSPPs action last term solved a crisis in the courts. From here, the priority is pushing forward on making the bar exams a reality.
    We are also proud wargamers. We will organize games of Diplomacy along with the good hosts at the dpJudge on a regular basis and encourage someone to do a course (or set of) for UTAL and/or CSL. We (Owen, mostly) may even produce a Talossan wargame.

  2. "Talossa exemplifies, in extraordinary ways, the true nature of nationhood. She has a conscience, and a will to act on that conscience. Talossa consists of friends, countrymen and lovers, whose communal existence defines them and also consists of humans - a species to which a high calling is to aid those in grave need. The CSPP recognise Talossa's humanitarian conscience, as a community, as humans and that it has a duty to its fellow man."
    Humanitarian aid and relief helps to build national identity on the world stage as well as providing assistance where it is needed most. TalossaAid (TAID) managed to accumulate a three figure fund that it has sent to projects worldwide. We will help revive this important project and put it into the spotlight of Talossa and into the spotlight of the world.
    We believe that charity also has a place at home. Talossans, as well as looking out for non-Talossans across the globe, as fellow humans, look out for one another too. It is with this sense that we would like a pension fund set up to give one-off pension payments to retired Talossans who have contributed greatly to Talossan society and culture.

  3. Most of Talossa's citizens are cybercitizens. The online experience of Talossa is highly attractive, but we think it could be better. We want to make sure that the online experience is as far reaching as possible while being vibrant and appealing to as many different audiences in as many niches as can be built.
    We want to revamp the main Kingdom web site some. Not a lot, just a minor facelift and a bit of source code editing to bring the code into line with W3C standards. We will work with the GTZT to do this.
    We also want to launch a social networking site to take over from the citizen pages on I mean, what other country has an official website where every citizen has a profile page?
    In additon, we will eventually get round to building an official site for the government and it's ministries. Things should be broken up and spread out more rather than having all our eggs in one basket. We are aware that this project will lead to costs and we will ensure that the Kingdom has a cash flow sufficient enough to cover costs before going ahead with each planned stage.
    We will set up an agency in the government that will encourage and then help citizens to get their ideas, clubs and projects off the ground including aiding them in web design and marketing.

    Vote CSPP to take Talossa to the next level.

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