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Talossan citizens are free to affiliate themselves with any of the existing political parties, or even to create a brand-new party. These parties contest the scheduled elections, held to fill the legislative seats in the Ziu.

At each election, all 200 seats in the Cosa (the lower house of the national Ziu) are contested, as are three of the eight seats in the Senäts.

Talossan citizens who fail to vote in an election are assessed "strikes." Three consecutive failures to vote result in the termination of citizenship. It is legal and valid to vote "present" without expressing a party preference. Casting such a ballot does not earn the voter a "strike."

Seats in the Cosa are awarded to each political party according to its percentage of the popular vote. So, in electing the Cosa, Talossans vote for a party, not for individuals, and the party leadership assigns members to vote the awarded seats. In contrast, seats in the Senate are filled by individuals, who campaign on their own merits.

Each election installs Cosa members for a single session (consisting of six monthly legislative meetings, known as Clarks), and Senators for two- and three-session terms.

The political party or coalition that claims a majority in an election assembles a government during the remainder of the calendar month at the conclusion of the election, and the Ziu convenes on the first of the next month.

Election Date Cosa Senate Seats Contested
14 July 201244Fiova, Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Benito
14 March 2013*45Vuode, Atatürk, Cézembre
14 November 2013*46Florencia, Maricopa, Fiova
14 July 2014*47Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Benito, Vuode
14 March 2015*48Atatürk, Cézembre, Florencia
14 November 2015*49Maricopa, Fiova, Maritiimi-Maxhestic
14 July 2016*50Benito, Vuode, Atatürk
14 March 2017*50Cézembre, Florencia, Maricopa
(The Election Cycle Then Repeats)
* Tentative (see below). Each election begins on the 15th day of the month after dissolution of the Cosa and runs to the 14th day of the next month. By convention, an election is referred to by the month in which it ends.

Election dates are tentative, since a loss of a Vote of Confidence or a Royal Proclamation dissolving the Ziu may result in an election being held before the conclusion of the sixth Clark. Additionally, the Prime Minister has the option of inserting one "no-business month" into each electoral cycle, between any two Clarks or after the final Clark, and doing so has the effect of postponing the next election by one month.

The Prime Minister may also choose to skip the first Clark of a Cosa session, and begin legislative business with the subsequent Clark. If this is done, though, one of the Clarks of the elected government is forfeit. That is, the skipped-first-Clark counts against the six, and there are only five before the next election must take place.

Southern Talossa from the Air, looking southwest.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA is visible in the distance.

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