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The official Web Page for
The official 2006 Gun Moll of
The Parti del Movamáintsch Fortúpt és Vienslaterál
(The Random Unilateral Movement Party)
[as we were known when we selected her]

On RUMP Day, the Parti del Movamáintsch Fortúpt és Vienslaterál (The Random Unilateral Movement Party) chooses our official Gun Moll for the next year. For RUMP Year 2006, the Mysterious Executive Coven has chosen:

Vikki "the Back" Dougan

Vicki was one of the hottest pinup heartthrobs of the late 1950's (see more about her here [SFW]). Vikki's appearance in this newswire photo in 1957 inspired a unique tribute song. The folk trio The Limeliters penned Vikki, Turn Your Back on Me (also known as the Vikki Dougan Song). Vikki reportedly said, "I'm not busty, so what's a girl to do?"

by Malvina Reynolds and Lou Gottlieb

Vikki turn your back on me
Come on darlin' just for me
'Cause there is something so appealin',
that your eyes are not revealin'!
Oh, Miss Dougan, you're for me! Oh Oh, Oh Oh!

Other girls who approach me,
Are beautiful, gorgeous and gay!
But you're so gosh darn more inviting
Going the other way!


Vikki baby, you move me,
Without you I'm bereft!
I'm hynotized by those crazy eyes,
And that callipygian cleft!


Vikki baby you rock me,
In those far-out clothes!
But don't it get chilly flyin' home at night
When that cold cold tail-wind blows?

The RUMP encourages you to visit Vikki's web site to download your own MP3 copy of the Vikki Dougan song by the Limeliters.

You can also find a definition of callipygian on the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary site.

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